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What do we see?

I read a post over at Emmas blog about how we constantly get tricked by our own prejudices and so many examples prove our wrongness.

Beautiful and Inspiring

Her post reminded me of a Swedish singer, Annika Norlin and her English lyrics music project Hello Saferide.

She have a song where she tells us about how it went when she came back to earth as Jesus as a woman. I think she’s right. This would be exactly what would happen if some of our historical men persons had been women 🙂

You can listen to her song here:

I was Jesus

Here’s the lyrics:

It was the second day of spring
and sunbeams made love to windows
in all the houses

And I was Jesus
and I decided to come down to earth
in the shape of a woman this time

And I was Jesus
and I went into the sea
and I took two fishes
andI turned them into millions

And I took five loaves of bread
and fed a country with them
and I said: “Do you believe me now?”
“Sorry”, they said,
“We focused on your wet white cloth as you bent over to
pick up the fishes”

And I was bitter for a while, but I decided to
go at it again

And I was Ghandi
and I came back to earth
in the shape of a woman this time

And the river Ganges
Tt cleared my vision and I
I guess I was a woman again

And I started my quiet, friendly revolution
and they said: “Oh, a quiet friendly woman,
super rare”
And I tried to convince them “it’s not a personality
it’s choice and a belief”

and “would you give me credit for it and please follow me”
And they said: “speak louder, we can’t hear you when
we’re screaming
You look nice now that you don’t eat”

And I was Martin Luther King
and I came back to earth
in the shape of a woman this time
and I was both black and a woman
I had two fights to fight so I was burned out
And well, that was it

And I was Jesus
and I went up to heaven Easter Sunday
and I said: “I’m never going back to earth again

But Mother said: “oh Jesus
up ’til now, you’ve been paying for Adam’s sins
Soon is when the fun begins”
Then, She gave me a date for when this would

Have a great Sunday. I’m gonna do some art today, feels good 🙂



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