Missing painting


This dry pastel painting only exists in my mind and on this photo. 

The original painting is gone and will never come back.

Sounds more dramatic than it is.

I bought dry pastel crayons and I did this painting as a test.

Then I tried to use fix spray to get the colors in the painting stay on the paper and not dust away or move around when someone touching the painting. Dry pastels are tricky that way. You have to fixate them.

That spraying thing didn’t work out well. I did it wrong and destroyed the painting. So I threw it away. But I took the photo before my fixation tryouts.

I have done some more dry pastel paintings and now I try to fix spray them very carefully.



24 comments on “Missing painting

    • Maybe. I have trouble to do paintings twice. I get easily bored, so I often do new things instead of repeat myself. But this time, maybe I will do the painting again. We’ll see 🙂

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    • Thanks. Yes, I’ve noticed that the fixing spray doesn’t fix it all in other paintings. That makes it difficult to handle the paintings without destroying them.


      • Yes, it’s a shame, because pastels can be so bright and colourful… but not so great when the colours smear with handling, after you have put lots of work into making the painting. Probably the only way to ‘preserve’ the image is to do what you did, take a photo of it 🙂

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        • You are right. I thought about the idea of putting the picture behind glass, but that’s not always a good idea either, the colors can move to the glass then. So picture fixation is best by taking a photo so far 🙂


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