Time hunting, What ever

Night shifts

night time cat time (for sale/till salu)

Are you working night shifts?
Do you like it?

I work night shifts right now. When I’m at sleep! It’s frustrating but also efficient.

When I go to bed I have no trouble going to sleep, but in the middle of the night my work shift start. Says my brain.
The brain is full awake, working and trying to solve problems, that I don’t really need to solve in the middle of the night.
But my brain thinks it’s an excellent time for working at problems. Especially problems that don’t need to be solved.

It’s really weird. My brain wants to work and I want to sleep so I don’t have to feel tired in the morning when the world around me expect me to go to my real work.
At that time my brain has gone to sleep finally and have very little interest in waking up. My brain says I’ve already solved every problem. I know for a fact that’s not true. So I get up and get to work where my real work is and where people’s real problems are that they want my help to solve.

It might sounds like me and my brain doesn’t agree on this night shifts thing. And yes, it is frustrating with work in the middle of the night. But the good thing is that my brain solves problems and leave the night shifts with a good feeling.

The times problems are not solved I wake up and I know I don’t have to worry about unsolved problems from night shifts. They don’t come back, they vanish and my brain invent new problems to solve in the next shift.

Is this making me weird? Probably! But I have never been anything near “normal”. I tried for about forty years to find out how to be “normal”. Then I gave up and found out it was much more fun being weird me 🙂

But I could do without the night shifts right now. I’m ok though, the shifts doesn’t last that long. I get enough sleep, so I can’t complain really.


12 thoughts on “Night shifts”

  1. Anna, my brain was working on a song last night. I’m just sorry I didn’t get up and write down more of the lyrics, because they sounded so good in my head. I even had the music to go with it.
    I used to work the night shift as a nurse and found it had its benefits and its draw backs.

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    1. I know what you mean by loosing the information in the head when you wake up. It all seems so clear and obvious in the night that you can’t possibly think that’s it not there in the morning. I have paper and pencil right beside my bed, that’s the only way, but sometimes I’m too tired to wake up and write it down. But when I loose what’s in my head at night I’m very disappointed when I wake up that I didn’t wrote it down.

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