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I read Derricks post The infant crocodile

and remembered that we have a Swedish song about such crocodiles.
One of our most Swedish famous artists Carola Häggkvist sang that song as a kid in Swedish TV 1977.

English translation of the text follow after the Swedish lyrics.

Krokodilbarnets Klagan
Text & Musik: B.Sundblad,G.Linde,B.Hallberg

Jag vill inte gå i krokodil, till en gungpark flera hundra mil.
Jag vill inte hålla Siv i hand, hon är dum och rycker till ibland.
Lasse framför går så söligt så, Kalle bakom bara knuffar på.
Först så ska man skynda sig och sen ska man stå still,
fröken vet visst inte vad hon vill.
Det är bara dumt att gå i rad, fröken själv blir arg och inte glad,
vi får vänta på varenda bil, för de struntar i vår krokodil.
Jag vill gå nån annanstans ibland, jag vill inte hålla nån i hand.
Nu ska jag gå allra sist och bara säga: “hej”.
Jag vill va en krokodil för mig,
barduliduda, jag vill va en krokodil för mig.

Crocodile whining
I will not go into the crocodile, a swing park several hundred miles.
I do not want to hold Siv in hand, she is stupid and jerk sometimes.
Lasse in front of me walks too slow and Carl behind me keeps pushing me.
First, you should hurry up and then you should stand still,
Miss Teacher don’t know what she wants.
It’s just stupid to go in a row, Miss Teacher’s getting angry and not happy,
we must wait for every single car, for they ignoring our crocodile.
I want to go somewhere else sometimes, I do not want to hold someones hand.
Now I just want to in the end of crocodile and just say “hello”.
I want to be a crocodile for me,
barduliduda, I want to be a crocodile for me.

In 2011, the same (but now a few years older) Carola sang In the name of love (U2 monster hit) in Globe arena in Stockholm Sweden with thousands of choir singers. I think it was a charity concert.

Carola – Pride (In The Name Of Love) – YouTube

The singing was almost unstoppable. You can read about the Globe arena happening in the first chapter of the book about Carola here:

Maybe you can translate the Swedish text to your language from there. It is worth reading!



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