Or which places do you want people to visit?

This is a promote and meet&greet opportunity for you in several ways.

Where do you wanna go?
Do you have dream destinations you wanna share with us, then do so in the comments. Maybe you find those who have been there or also want to go there, maybe someone have tips for you.

Which place do you want people to visit?
Do you live in a place that depends on tourism and you want people to se the best place in the world, that happens to be your town or country. Tell us in the comments. Maybe we come visit your country or town someday because of your tip.

You can also make a post on your blog about your favourite place to go or a place you want people to visit. Leave a link in the comments.

I, myself, is a person with constant to little time for almost everyting. I travel in my mind but very seldom i.r.l. Maybe someday I should change that and actually go se the world instead of staying home almost all the time.

When I’m no longer need to take so much time for work, then I maybe find some time to think of where I wanna go for some vacation travelling. That would be nice.

But until then, I’m happy travelling here on wp and meet all you guys almost every day. That’s a very nice way to see the world.


To sail around the world


Skip Rio, Trosa (Sweden) is the place 😉