Spring in Trosa

Today my little town Trosa looks like a beautiful postcard. Spring is in the air and the temp in the shaddow shows 11 degree C. In sun it might be warmer. Lovely weather today. Sun is gonna shine all day.

I shine like the sun too. I’m having a Me day in my artmaking corner. I like Spring weather from inside. I’m allergic to the Spring air, so I prefer indoor activities if it’s not cleaning the house 😉

Have a great day ya all. What are you doing on Sundays?



21 comments on “Spring in Trosa

  1. Finished my book this morning (the one I’m reading, not writing), kids are playing with a friend, football is on. All in all a leisurely day, like Sundays should be.

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  2. För många år sedan, när barnen var små, semestrade vi i trakterna kring Trosa. När jag ser bilderna är det inte utan att jag längtar tillbaka dit! Tack för de vackra bilderna.
    Livets Skiftningar

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