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Welcome to the pub of your dreams


Here’s everyone welcome, all ages.

No one gets drunk, we only serve dream drinks, your imagination chooses how they will affect you.

No one gets thrown out and now one gets stopped in the doorway, because no one fight and no one is rude.

No one needs to sit alone in a corner, if they don’t wish to, and no one get bothered if they don’t wish to, because everyone show one another respect just they way they are.

No one feels awkward or in the wrong place, because noone cares how you look or who you are, they just want to listen to what you have to say, and they just want you to listen to them if you want to.

No one demands that you celebrate holidays, like xmas, with them or not, everyone just cherish each and every day they can stop by this pub of our dreams and meet you.

No one ask for your family and work status, you are welcome just the way you are. No one ask for your religion or atheism, your race or country. You live in the same world as all the rest, who found this pub of our dreams. That’s all that matters.

No one need to ask when the pub is closing and when it’s time for the final round at the bar. The pub of our dreams are always open.

Whenever you feel like talking to someone or listen to someone, you will always find friends in the pub of our dreams.

You are always welcome!

How about that?


50 thoughts on “Welcome to the pub of your dreams”

            1. Learning other languages than Swedish scared me when I was young, so I didn’t bother to learn more than I had to. If I had known that I today talk to the whole world I might have chosen differently.

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            2. It is so much easier when one is young. I never had the chance, that is until now. It is much harder when we get older but I refuse to give up. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Anna, for virtually ushering me to your world by liking one of my comments in wp network. I look forward to being in your pub for getting my fill of your art and joi-de-vivre… Ciao… Raj.

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