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Hey where’s my flag?

I like watching the flag stats. This is for today so far and I’m amazed of all different flags. But my Swedish flag is not on the list. So I put it here 🇸🇪 instead 😀

Happy blogging!

Do you check the flag stats?


35 thoughts on “Hey where’s my flag?”

    1. Me too. My country Sweden is a small country. Most of my visible readers and followers comes from US and other countries.


    1. I find it in the wp app in stats. Don’t know if it shows up in the browser version or admin. Hmmm…. I will check it out. I’ll be back with an answer 🙂

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  1. I watch all the time. Although I lived in Japan, and now Canada, the US is always number 1. Canada tends to be second, while it’s a race between Japan and the UK for 3rd and 4th. Australia usually follows up in 5th. The rest usually consist of Germany, India, France, and Malaysia, with the occasionally showing of Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, and the Netherlands in the top 10. I love seeing the rare country, though.

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        1. I think so too. And today I have too much idiots around me so it’s nice talking to normal people that actually uses their brains for real.


  2. I loved them! Jag tycker det är jättekul med flaggorna, och i synnerhet när det dyker upp någon ny. Det väcker tankar, eftersom jag skriver på svenska. Så många nyanser skulle försvinna i språket om jag skulle skriva på engelska.
    I just write a few words in english, because I do not so good at it, that I can write whole blogposts. But, as I said, flags is fun and beautful to look at!

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    1. Ja, det kan vara svårt att finna ord på engelska till hela poster, men jag började stapplande och sedan gick det bättre och bättre ju mer jag skrev. I början skrev jag bara på svenska, sedan gjorde jag poster med både sv och eng, nu hinner jag oftast bara skriva på antingen engelska eller svenska. Det går att hotta ett eget språk även på engelska har jag upptäckt, men det tar ett tag innan man hittar dit. Happy blogging 🙂

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    1. You will get there one day 🙂
      I reached out to many more international followers when I changed the language settings in wo admin to English. I can still write in Swedish, but my blog is visible in the wp reader in the international flow and not just the Swedish flow. That made a huge difference 🙂

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