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Breaking up talk

Dear “friend” I will eventually break up with you. This was a bad idea from the start.

You promised me the world and well, I didn’t just got the world, I did also got a lot of troubles that you “forgot” to tell me about when we met.

I could say – I should never had said yes, but I would lie if I did. Meeting you has taught me a lot.

Never trust a “friend” who’s promising you the world.
Never trust the words “I do what ever you want, just tell me and I’ll do it”
Never trust the “it will get better next time, just try again”

Yes, you promise a lot my “friend”. But you keep forgetting to tell about the price I have to pay.

I don’t want to spend days and days, hours and hours to make things between us work the way I want and also expect it to work.

I don’t want us to get more involved by getting more things together. I don’t want you to watch every step I take. I don’t want you to look over my shoulder checking out what I’m doing.

I don’t want to be in constant contact with you. I want to do things on my own, whitout you being around.

I don’t want to hear you say and promise things and then go doing something completely different without explaining why. I’m tired of figuring out your constant say one thing, do another.

I’m also tired of your negligence of our first times together. You keep wanna moving on, while I like to stay and be where we were from the beginning. We don’t need new things. We don’t need doing things differently. I think we should split up.

I will be around for a while anyway. You have see through that I need you to keep in touch with my friends. I hate you for that. Those are my friends and I wanna keep them after I left you.

One day I will find a real friend that understand what I want and what I need. It may take a while but I will never ever go back to you. So prepare yourself for an eternity goodbye from me to you.

You can use all the big words and say how much I’m gonna miss you, but you know what? I’m not gonna miss you at all. You have never cared for me. I know that now and I knew it from the beginning. I just didn’t want to realize that then.

No, I don’t wanna start over and starting at a blank page.
No, it’s not gonna get better by buying new toys.
No, it’s not gonna work out the way I want, so



Clarification : I hate technical devices that doesn’t work smoothly just because they’re couple of years old and because the support for old devices disappear in some sort of “we wanna force our “dear” costumer to buy new devices every quarter of the year or every month”-thinking. “Let’s do it impossible to run old devices smoothly and then they buy new products.”

Well, sorry, that doesn’t work for me or the environmental issues. I keep a device as long as it’s suppose to be working. I want to save nature and also my money. I don’t think it’s cool having the latest i-toy and I don’t think it’s cool shutting out people who try to care for nature!

This is an apple I like. Ingrid Marie from the apple tree in my yard Sep/Oct 2015


42 thoughts on “Breaking up talk”

  1. Phew! You got me with this one 🙂
    But I agree with you. For me, apples are fruit to eat. My smartphone is several years old and I got it second hand. Works fine as it doesn’t have any fruits on the cover 😉


    1. I’ve never been an apple supporter, so that’s probably why I never have understood the greatness with apple. But I don’t blame others for liking their solutions. We are all different, and I think we should all be different 🙂

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  2. I don’t like Apple and not a fan of apples….unless it’s in pie! But your words were stirring because I thought of sop many different things while reading it. Made me ponder a number fo things and when i found out the meaning behind it I still went back and pondered some more. Nicely done ; )

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    1. Thank you. For me the words was about breaking up with Apple, but the words can mean so much more for readers I realise now after reading you comment. Thanks!

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  3. Mac fanboi here. It’s been a decade-long romance so far and I’ve never shed a tear in anything but happiness. I also think that you are a beautiful soul and a genuinely lovely person. You and Mac can co-exist; I don’t need to choose. 🙂


    1. I think I know what you mean! Found this comment now. I’m sorry for not answering before. Wp hides comments for me in the notifications. That’s annoying!


  4. Oh my god! ….at first felt really upset ….then roared with laughter …you’ve made my weekend …a GREAT post:D:D:D …..and I must confess I have an iPad mini ….call it ‘Eric’ ( don’t ask) and I must say …although he’s a thing of slick beauty …he can’t 1/2 be temperamental sometimes:D:D:D

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  5. I have had several PCs before I bought my first apple, a MacBookPro, and the only thing I regret was not buying one long before. Now I also have an iMac.
    But of course one gets used to what one has. I was used PC and to do all I had to do to make it function smothly. W98 was okay and so was XP. But when they released Windows Vista – that was it.
    Now I would never change back to PC. And I don’t have to do anything special to make it function smoothly!

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    1. I think everyone find their way through the technology jungle in different paths. I never got to the vista so I’m still ok with pc and W7. My old ipad will stay around a little longer. But I don’t like how you seems to be forced to buy new devices every year to make it work. Old devices should too!


      1. To be forced to buy new devices (and operating systems) – to me that is PC, not Mac. I’ve had my MacBookPro for 3,5 years now and the only thing that is getting old, is the battery. But it keeps about the amount of time as the new PC I had prior to it, before I have to plug it in again. And I have never had any problems! Don’t have to clean, restore, update… drivrutiner, fabriksåterställningar…

        I recently bought an iMac because I wanted a big screen. For my images, the posters and booklets et.c I make, and also when writing. It has also a most genius Music-program!

        Vista came before W7, and you’re lucky to have missed that one. That and the small Packard Bell laptop I bought who had it, made me go nuts! W7 was/is better.

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        1. Interesting and I’ve learned that picture people often prefer mac. One thing I’ll never understand is why ipad/mac and pc-world can’t speak the same computer language. It’s ancient that modern technology don’t talk to everyone in their techworld 🙂


          1. Music people too. Composers. And other people using computers as a tool in their profession and need the best technique and software. Dependable. To be able to do the work, not fixing the computer every other week or month. And hardware not made of plastic…
            I’ve heard and read that complaint many times, but only from PC-users. And from one that worked with programming and was annoyed she couldn’t change the codes in Apples programs. SO??? Apples programs are made to be unable to mess with! It has to do with security and such!
            But for us ordinary users, like me, it seems like it is Microsoft that’s the hindering part, not Apple. F.ex. I’ve Office for Mac installed and can work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint if I want or need to. And if I make something in Pages and want to mail that to someone with PC, I just save it as PDF. Also I can receive mail with word-docs et cetera
            Well! If anyone wants what a Mac has, then why buy a PC?

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            1. Yea, you’re right. Gotta get up early in the morning tomorrow to catch up some work. I’ll be back soon here on wp. I have very little time to be here, but I want to, it’s so fun here talking to everybody:)

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            2. You do what you gots to do, you know? We all will be here. Agree with you with wanting to be here talking to everyone! LOL! Did you know the singer Prince died!?

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            3. What! I didn’t know. Been out of touch with the news flow for a while, I’m totally lost in that area right now. Everything has been work work work and at night I’m to tired to read news. Prince dead, alright, how sad. I remember Purple rain and When doves cry from my youth.

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