This time of the year, we know for a fact when Spring has arrived here in my town Trosa, Sweden.

We get a new alarm clock. Very efficient, very hard to ignore, but also impossible to control.

I’m talking about the seagulls. The come here every Spring, making noise all over town and eventually settle down on the chimneys to build nests to raise their kids when they come.

Seagulls never seems to sleep. They shout out early in the morning before sun goes up and late in the evening when no one wish alarm clocks making noise. Maybe the sleep in daytime you think. Noooooo! They shout and scream all day too.

No, I’m not actually complaining. Somehow I like the seagull sounds. They reminds me of Summer and archipelago. I can almost imagine I hear the sea waves and feel the sea breeze. I like that.