…when you read about other feeling miserable?

I’m not. But lots of people seems to do that when they read this kind of gossip press.

I did a Swedish version of this drawing couple of years ago and now I’ve done an English version.

I think this kind of papers look the same all over the world. I call them cruel fairy tales/comics for grown ups. The only difference is that they use real people as characters instead of drawn ones. I like grown downs stories better. They have superheros and good powers always wins in the end 🙂

Are we such cannibals that we want to eat unhappy people and feel good about it afterwards?

I hope not, but really, why is it amusing to read about celebrities in misery? I never got that, but then I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer 🙂

I never grew up and I’m still in fairytale land where people that eat unhappy people loose when the story ends.