I have one more blog setting tip. When you make a post that include images you might want to use the feature image settings. If you upload an image as feature image the picture will show up in the reader after the headline and before the post words. The feature image will also appear in some themes where the front page is showing your latest posts in short versions as teasers to click to read full post.

Wow images almost always gets my attention and I often click such posts in the reader to read more. If you don’t have a feature image you have to write great headlines to get attention. That’s not always easy. But with a great picture you don’t have to be a word genious.

If you mange your blog through browser, you find the feature image upload section here:

And if you go though wp app, you find it here:

Sorry for the Swedish, my app shows Swedish words in the settings, but I think you can find your way through this picture anyway 🙂

Happy blogging!