drawings, Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra

How do you help a friend?

If you see that Someone’s not feeling good, shows signs of depression, lack of energy and seems to get hurt in different ways, what do you do?

Everything’s looks fine on the outside. People around says everything’s okay. You can’t really get someone else to see what you see, that Someone is among toxic people and need to get out of there.

The toxic people that tries to rule Someone try to push you away when you try to ask important questions. They try to get you feeling awkward when you seems to getting too near the truth truth.

They want you to stick to their own truth. You watch when they say one thing and do another. They promise things they never keep. They try to make you believe that their theatre act is for real, only you know it’s only falsification.

They leave you on your own when you don’t agree with them, they leave you out in the cold when you openly critize them or try to report them.

You clearly see the empty shell they’re putting up for everybody to believe in as solid. They wanna make you feel bad when you’re not supporting their ideas. They even claim they’re rich, though they only have debts. They try to punish you when you prove they’re wrong.

You watch how they tell everyone that Someone must change in their efforts to create a perfect world according to their ideas. Nothing will ever be good enough as it is for them. If they could change the sun and the moons way of circulating they would do it. That poor Someone must constantly change and play their tones no matter what it will cost Someone.

This wouldn’t be possible without the flying monkeys, which they send out to temporarily fix things, defend them or spread their truth as truth truth.

How do you break through this thick walls of cruel and toxic relationship?

I’m not talking about a hurt person in a bad relationship here.

I’m talking about how our local politicians destroys perfect nature, that’s in no need to be fixed or redecorated. We will go down with that destroyment and our politicians keep acting with suppression techniques and far too few people will realize this in time. Far too many of them, including press and media, acting like flying monkeys instead of seing what’s really going on.

That makes me sad.

Why do people wanna build narcs ego instead of opening their eyes and use their own minds?

I will never understand that.

I’m also never gonna get why we destroy Mother Nature either. She’s our savior in the climate changes, not narcissistic politicians or more roads and buildings.


And this is how you recognize grandiose projects


19 thoughts on “How do you help a friend?”

  1. Anna you do more good with your art than you realize. I’m sure you aren’t alone in your thoughts. Just keep at them with your art.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you very much! If I had known I would be writing a blog in English in the future, when I was a school kid I probably had payed more attention to English class 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. lol, never too late to start eh? Well for someone who says they paid not a lot of attention to English class in school you fare quite well here and I enjoy your blog very much : )

            Liked by 1 person

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