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Arik Brauer

I found an old exhibition poster from a gallery i Trosa that used to show great art everytime they opened their doors for people to come and visit.

This poster tells about the time the artist Arik Brauer showed his art in the Trosa Kvarn Gallery and for the first time in Sweden. It was great paintings to see.

I don’t remember them specific, there were lots of good paitings during the years in that gallery and I was young and didn’t know much of all painter names.
I just thought the art at the gallery always was so inspiring.

Here you can see some of his work.

Arik Brauer – Galerie – Oel

And here.

If you want to read real art Sunday posts, I think you should all visit Jims blog. He’s doing art Sunday post every Sunday and I always find them interesting.

Art Sunday #68: George Ștefănescu – Arlechinii (“Harlequins”)
Now, back to art making corner. I miss you guys, but I’ll be back soon I hope 🙂


10 thoughts on “Arik Brauer”

    1. No, unfortunately not. It’s a sad story. The owners of the building and the gallery sold the building when they retired, moved from Trosa and all seemed to get a happy ending at first. A generous woman was about to buy the building and give it to Trosa kommun, who she thought could granted that culture events still would fill the house. But you probably know how local politicians works. They didn’t do what they were supposed to do. They returned the gift and today it’s a nice restaurant place and sometimes little exhibitions with local artists. But there’s not like it used to be. The gallery had Hundertwasser art in one exhibition. That was really something. World famous art in little Trosa.


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