Soul mates?

Recently there was a f-ing noice up on a neighbor roof. And guess what, yea it really was a f-ing noice 😉

Seagulls would be arrested if they were people, I tell you that much. Luckily they’re not, but they act like they own the town right now.

And they will for quite some time. Some of them has now layed their eggs, but they are still noicy around the clock with all other sounds they make.

When the kids come, then they really own the town in a way very few humans want them to do. They’re everywhere protecting their kids aggressively!

Have a great day and don’t do like this on the roof, you will fall down!



24 comments on “Soul mates?

  1. Like the picture. Gulls are very noisy birds (we have huge numbers of them in King’s Lynn), but I would rather hear bird noise all day and all night than ever be in a position where this is no bird noise to be heard.

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    • I totally agree! I think of that often in Fall when birds fly south and the air get silence. I don’t want that silence in Spring and Summer. That would mean we have destroyed earth too much.

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    • Ja, de är besvärliga “invånare”. Men bortsett från det är de kul att iaktta när man kan se dem på taken på nära håll lite uppifrån som vi kan här i lilla Trosa. Vi har lärt oss deras livsmönster, men det lär ta lång tid innan de lärt sig människornas livsmönster 🙂


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