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Sneek peek until tomorrow

Sneek peek of a tiny little bit of the collage painting I’ve been working on for months. 

Tomorrow the Spring exhibition opens at 11 am and then you can see the whole painting in a post here on the blog as well as at the exhibition.

Stay tuned or even better – visit the exhibition if you can 🙂


21 thoughts on “Sneek peek until tomorrow”

    1. You should try it. It’s fun and you never know where it ends. This was my first real collage painting. I started to cut paper in different shapes, then I glued them on a big paper and then I added some colors.

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      1. will do soon i miss doing arts! i have such a busy life that it almost feels empty even when i have time am tired and lazy to do arts yet its always been an amazing part of me

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        1. I know what you mean. I try to learn to get started even if I’m tired after work. It’s amazing, the art making often gets me out if the tired mode.

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