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The Dangers of Perception and Why It Is Holding You Back

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Perception is defined as a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.  And it is the dangers of perception that I believe holds most people back.

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Why do I believe this?  For most people, their perception is based on assumption and hearsay.  It is not based in fact or research.  People become products of the impressions that are made on them by Facebook, Twitter, news feeds, conversations with friends, conversations with coworkers, etc.  The vast majority of people do not express opinions or views that they own.

What do I mean by “own.”  To own an opinion means you have taken the time to educate yourself  by reading, investigating and researching all of the elements of the topic.  You have taken the time to view the topic from multiple angles and from multiple viewpoints. When you own an opinion you are not regurgitating what you have been told…

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