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Trosa Spring exhibit day 2

Here you can watch pictures from the opening day at the Trosa Spring Exhibition.

The local webb newspaper visited the opening and made this article.

Spring Exhibition in Trosa 2016

Today I had a great time during my watch on the exhibition. I painted on the canvas with autographs that will be at a charity auction later this year.

I painted Runtuna church by the singer Olle Perssons autograph because for many years I visited the Runtuna Church every year at Christmas time to listen to his concerts there. His singing were Christmas magic. 

I also painted clown noses at the theater group 123Schtunk. They are amazing. They do theatre like no one else. They mix seriousness with millions of laughter in their shows.

When I get home after a workday mixed with Spring exhibition I tried to capture the picture memory I have of the exhibit.

This was what came out of the head. It’s not accurate, but to me it tells me about shapes and colors I remember from the paintings. 

The exhibit watch also led to several very nice talks to visitors, both today and yesterday at the opening.

The exhibit goes on all weekend. Please visit us if you have the time to stop by 🙂



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