Start a painters group

Find some friends, never mind if they say they can or can’t paint. Get together once a week or whatever you like. Put up some things you can draw or paint. Then check the artwork that you and your friends make during the session. It’s fun. 

I did this drawing

Out of this

Have fun!



35 comments on “Start a painters group

  1. Absolutely! My dear friend, Rita-an artist, and I would get together on Wednesday nights in her studio. She would cover the walls with paper, the music went on and the wine was poured… Alas, now we are separated by an ocean. 😦 That is until her visits. ;)xx

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  2. I’m one of who can’t draw. My hands won’t cooperate. 🙁 But I have paint at home I bought some (long) time ago. As different types of pens, in tubes, as small cakes – both watercolor I think. And of course drawing paper! But I havn’t yet got around to start using it. I even bought one of those coloring books recently!
    Guess it’s high time to start doing something!
    Thanks Anna. You gave me a push!

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