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I always feel powerless when my friends tells me that sad things happens to them. It can be about their family members with almost deadly health issues or certain deaths. 

I want to heal the world and all sorrows both near and far, but I can’t. I try to support by saying I always carry my friends and their worries in my mind when they having problems in their nearness that can mean life endings if things don’t go well.

But that always seems to be too little. But it isn’t. The thoughts means I also in my mind pray, to who ever is listening, for a happy ending or should I say happier continue. I wish that everyone could live as long as they wish too. 

For every year I get older I also feel more grateful for everyday I get to live in peace and health, both for myself, my family and my friends. We can not take life and health for granted. I learn that everyday over and over again.

We can never know what the future brings us, but we can pray to whoever we want for a future without to much sorrows and hope to selfcreate some joy 🙂


16 thoughts on “Praying”

  1. So true, that we take health for granted. And, what you do when someone son need may not feel like much, but it’s wonderful. You’ve done for me, Mel, and countless others, I’m sure. You’re terrific. 😊

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  2. Yes Anna your are right and wrote beautiful words! We all need to go on and enjoy life being grateful and doing all our best to keep our health and positive attitude and hope! Wish you best my dear ❤

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