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Face your painting skills

Stop saying you can’t paint or draw. Find some known or unknown friends and get together in a painters group. Never mind if you have not painted before. Just get yourselves some painting or drawing materials.

Then you set up a drawing or painting session and start painting. If you don’t know what to draw or paint, find out something together and see how different you can interpret the motif.

We did this in my painters group Pink Bucket.

First we drew a face. One of us did the cheek and forehead, one did hair and nose and others eyes and so on.

Then we decided to paint/draw our own interpretations of this facelines. To color it in we used these things to choose colors and patterns for our faces.

You can see a frog shoe, a hat with a ribbon, a basket, a green little chain on the basket, some color paper bags, flowers, grey lego plate (takes me back to a happy childhood) and so on.

My face ended up like this, what do you think?


Eyes in the back (frog eyes), what more can you see from our inspiration table?

33 thoughts on “Face your painting skills”

    1. Yes you are, you just don’t know it yet. Everyone can paint. Not like the great master painters, but everyone can paint something:)


  1. While it is true that ‘I can’t paint’ I don’t let that stop me. For me, it is a form of meditation and very therapeutic. I don’t subject anyone else to it and so I don’t worry about the critics. It is something I do for me. C’est la vie!

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          1. I suppose you are right. There are those times though in my natural art form when fun is not the right word. It is more of a compulsion. The art makes me in those moments or at least that is the way it feels. I often tell my children it is that moment when I stop playing the music and the music plays me. It’s not fun exactly. It’s deeper… more like joy.


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