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Seagull kids action

Outside my workwindows we have seagull kids action all day long. The parents are very protective and they scream as soon as someone come to close to the little seagull kid. Seagulls normally have three kids, but last year there were only two and this year only one. Maybe the cold Spring this year did damage to the eggs that never cracked.

Anyway, the seagull kid came down from the roof the other day and now the kid own the streets in our corner of the town. The kid walks everywhere and the parents get food and protection for him/her. 

It’s fun to watch the people passing by the kid. Some of them don’t see anything and wonder why the grown up seagulls make so much noise. Some cars just drive without seeing the little creature and some see the kid and drive very carefully. Some people try to protect the kid when cars driving by. Some take a moment to say hi to the kid until mother seagull starts screaming.

It’s life in miniature. Some of us notice details around us and some of us don’t notice anything and just rush of to work or something like that.

This is the kids from last year, but the one we have outside the windows now looks the same.

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