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Something’s missing

Many of us say it over and over again. Blogging is about interaction with other bloggers and readers. Without the interaction you will not reach out with your blog. You will not gain fantastic stats and very few outside your circle of friends will know about you.

This is so true. I feel like something’s missing the days I’m not able to interact as much as I wish to. Sure, I post or repost, answer your comments and do very quick visits to random blogs that shows up in my notifications, but it don’t feel like real interaction during the periods when I don’t have time to hang out with you my wp friends in the way I like to.

I miss you when that happens. But I will always be back and catch up. 

So, sorry if I don’t show up in your notifications as often as you want. I will try to get more blogtime so I can interact the way I suppose to do.

Have a great day!


25 thoughts on “Something’s missing”

  1. I feel the same way, Anna. I love when I have the time to read blog posts, and comment. I like to feel involved. But some days, there just isn’t time, life happens. I try to keep a balance, but it doesn’t always work that way. But I’m happy to be here to connect and say hi to you! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Jenny

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  2. Todos tenemos ese problema por las cosas que cada día tenemos que hacer y que no nos permiten pasear por nuestros contactos. No obstante el cariño se siente. Un abrazo querida.

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  3. Anna, I love comments, as well. Even if someone disagrees with my point or has a different perspective, I appreciate civil, well meaning feedback. That is how I learn. Please feel free to opine on mine. Thanks for building community. Keith

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