Hey, all of you who know mothers. Celebrate them on the Swedish Mothers Day May 29.

They are worth celebrating, because they gave us all life. Never mind what they did after that. Just celebrate them for that. Giving you life. After that almost anyone else can keep you alive, raise you and give you a chance to form your own life.

If you have been lucky, you have a mother that never will abandon you. Then you can celebrate her for that too.

If your not that lucky, then celebrate those who has been like a mother to you instead.

Motherness is so much and so different for all of us. Mothers carry the future of mankind, lets never forget that. And come to think of it, mothers can be anyone of us. It’s about caring for other people who needs support in different kind of ways. Okay, not everyone can give birth, but after that, every one can be like a mother. A good one I hope 🙂

We can all support other people and try to help them being a good future “mother” too!

Happy Swedish Mothers Day to you all 🙂