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We all need to take care of our planet

Vi behöver alla bli planetskötare

We have a radio program in Sweden, during the summers, where Swedish famous people talks about different subject from their point of view.

Professor Johan Rockström talked about how we can save the planet by becoming planetary attendants.

He did this radio talk in an English version. I recommend you all to listen to him. He has very important things to say to us all.

This link will take you there, I hope. The site is in Swedish, but if you look closely you will find a section that says “english version”

Please let me know if you don’t find the track.

Johan Rockström 12 juli kl 13:00 – Sommar & Vinter i P1 | Sveriges Radio
We need to become planetary attendants.


17 thoughts on “We all need to take care of our planet”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Our global water crisis and climate change inaction are noted as the two greatest risks to our planet over the next ten years in the World Economic Forum’s 2015 Global Risk Report. Coupling that with population growth and we need even more significant action.

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    1. I agree. Our two biggest islands in Sweden have water supply problem this year because of lack of rain. That’s a big warning signal for the future, but we do very little about it.


    1. Climate changes actually goes as forecasted. I read Al Gores book about climate changes ten years after the release. That was a wake up call. When he wrote the book he wrote this might happen in the future and when I read it ten years later I realised that it had happened during that ten years. Det var som att läsa facit i efterhand.

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  2. Climate changes seem to accelerate. Politicians need to do more!
    (Min PC krånglar och jag sköter administration av bloggen i IPad/IPhone. Jag vet hur jag hittar bloggare som jag följer men var ser jag vilka som följer mig?)

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    1. Du får gå till admin och leta rätt på följaravdelningen. Det är en brist i appen. Att inte få upp listan på följare. Du kan nog se en del av följarlistan i notifikationer under fliken följer kanske. Fråga igen om du inte hittar.


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