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Happy birthday drawings

Now and then people hit their 50 years young when it comes to birthdays.

I’ve done some drawings to friends at those times.

For a father with three children and a wife.

For a painter friend, member in the painter group Pink Bucket. She has karate skills, do beautiful paintings of trees and fishes and have lived in Japan for a while.

For a fifty year young Pippi Longstocking, with a big heart, writing dreams and a history as a elite badminton player.

That’s how I do this drawings. I collect my knowledge of them and put that together in a drawing. It is as simple as that and it so fun doing the drawings. So far the birthday “kids” has liked them.



15 thoughts on “Happy birthday drawings”

  1. These are really very special birthday gifts! I am sure they all loved their painting. Makes the 50th birthday fun instead of thinking of wrinkles (which don’t matter anyway) 🙂

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