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Benjii1993 where are you?

In the notifications I see all likes of a post. If I click further I can get to your blogs and read your posts. But if you have the wrong url-address in your profile settings I can’t find you.

Like Benjii1993. He had a lovely blog with lots of Norway pictures and nice stories about Norway experiences. I can’t find that blog anymore because of a blind url-address. That’s sad. So if any of you know how to find his blog please leave the link in the comments.

And while your at it, check your own blog address in your profile settings, so everyone can find you when you leave likes and comments on a blog.


13 thoughts on “Benjii1993 where are you?”

  1. If you look at your notifications in this place:

    You can just click onto the name, it usually will lead to their blog, unless as you said, people don’t have their blog written correctly, but even so, if they are signed in, it should lead to their blog, the other reason it may not is because they might have more than one blog, in which case, often, their blog’s will be listed on their “gravatar profile”.

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    A compendium of reviews of the world of Progressive Rock and its many facets and sub-genres explored, reviewed and remarked. Concert and bootleg reviews of these bands, Not always the famous and often artists that are just well…unknown around the world and expressed in a song-by-song review of any of of their albums.

    For those of you who like, love or know nothing about the genre I encourage you to visit my blog and read up on old favourites, discover new ones and just discover a whole style of music that goes against the grain and outside the box from commercial pop culture.

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  3. Well… you got lots of answers

    I have a question for you.

    Do you know where I can find sources of ancient Swedish stories? Some that are really old, were part of oral storytelling traditions, and are not so well known outside Sweden?

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  4. Hello! How nice of you to remeber me! I actually deleted that blog, it took too much time. But I started this new blog, benjipictures where I blog casually and for the most publish pictures. But I thinking about starting for real again. Thanks again 🙂


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