Blogging, What ever

Am I annoying?

This is what my keyboard says when I finish a post with Anna.

The keyboard suggest Annoying!

How rude! (Thumbup, you know what gif I’m referring too I think)

Or do the keyboard tell me the truth. Am I annoying?


19 thoughts on “Am I annoying?”

    1. Me neither. I’ve learned it the hard way. But sometimes the keyboard spell help helps me to use the right words. I’m not that great in English language spelling 🙂


      1. Right!? Computers may have made the world more connected and easier to talk across the oceans but we lost something along the way where now we have everything and our minds go to mush now and then. We need to reinvent ourselves and use that lump two feet above our butts and think!

        And BTW….. YOU are NOT annoying! : ) No Way!

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        1. Thanks and I agree. We should rethink a lot of our doings. Maybe it will come so far that AI will reinvent the human brain. Huuuhhhh, I don’t want to think of that!


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