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Empty words

How often do you hear empty words?

How often do you use them yourself?

What do you do when you hear them?

Why do you use them?

Are they good or bad, the empty words?

What are empty words?

Have I succeeded with the empy words drawing? 

I didn’t know how to make empty rooms visible.

Here’s some Empty rooms songs.

Swedish artist Sanna Nielsen

The same song with lyrics for Thumbup & co

And a more famous Empty room song that I had forgot about, how is that possible?

23 thoughts on “Empty words”

  1. It depends, empty words have meaning if there is sincerity, otherwise, they can be okay too because society functions on politeness best, and that includes saying empty words.
    Empty words can also be a very lonely experience because we all crave depth and connection.

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  2. Good post. To me politicians often use empty words which are false promises or an answer to a question that says nothing. When caught in a lie, a US Senator said “you misinterpreted what I said as the truth.” In other words, it is your fault I lied.

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    1. Politicians seems to get away with everything. It’s the same here. They say one thing and do the opposite and then they act like they never said it.


      1. Anna, you are so right. You want to ask “don’t you know that you have been recorded?” Our obnoxious presidential candidate has changed a position on gun control and background checks. Yet, his first position was written in a book he wrote. Not, just on film, but he wrote it in a book, which has a permanence to it. Keith

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  3. For me I can immediately can feel it
    Even on the phone
    There’s an empty space in between the words
    I’ve also have been the one giving
    Great post Anna
    Excellent work
    As always Sheldon

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