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Spooky painting?

This painting is done by one of our greatest artist ever. No one has lived that long, except this artist. 

This artist spend all day long in the greatest studio ever. Constantly creating beautiful art. Exhibitions all over the world and everyone’s invited too see the efforts.

None of the pieces are really for sale, but everyone can see them constantly in new shapes every day. We just need to open our eyes.

The artist uses everything and everybody in the work of the every day art. We’re all a part of the pieces the artist make.

Do you know who I’m talking about?


39 thoughts on “Spooky painting?”

    1. My ipad had a nervous breakdown. Your comment disappeared, but now I found it! Thanks. The “painting” is actually a photo of a shadow on a wall. Sun is the “painter”. “pling”

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  1. The Sun! I thought ‘it’s The Sun” and wanted to write now clever you are to notice that:) but then I thought “it’s the Moon”. Moonlight could be strong to create a shadow. And then I thought: imagination. A power of a viewer to see a shadow as a work of art and then to give it back to nature. I like that.


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