Many of us has come across OM:s/Jasons blog HarshReaLiTy

A while back ago he moved his blog to self hosted area. His old blogplace is still on wp, but if you want to read, follow, like and comment at his new place you might find trouble  doing that through wp app. 

When his posts shows up in the reader section in the app the like and comment buttons are gone. But I found a way to get them back!

1. Open a blogpost at HarshReality in your browser.

2. Press the like button.

3. Go to wp app (if you rather read post in wp app instead of browser)

4. Go to reader

5. Chose “posts I like” in the menu.

6. Click on the gravatar HarsH ReaLiTy

7. Start reading all the posts that you want to read on HarsH ReaLiTy. Like and comment as much as you like.

This might work for other selfhosted blogs too if the like and comments button are gone when you open them in reader in other sections than Posts I like.

Don’t ask me why the posts appears diffrently in the reader. I have no idea. I just found out that this way I finally can interact full scale with selfhosted blogs from wp app.

Happy blogging!