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The first blog post

In June 3, 2012 I wrote my very first blog post

Today I came across another first blog post

That post took me back in time. I remembered when I did my first post whitout having a clue of what journey I began. What an amazing trip around the world so far.

The first years I didn’t get the idea of interacting with other bloggers. Then about a year ago or so I found OM/Jasons blog and then I started to realize how nice and helpful bloggers are if you interact with them.

So good luck everyone who’s about to write the first post. Do it and jump in the pool of blog happiness 🙂

How did your very first post look like?
If you haven’t written it yet, do it!
Leave a link in the comments.


To climb mountains 

23 thoughts on “The first blog post”

    1. I checked the post out and gave it a like 🙂
      It’s interesting reading first posts. Almost no likes and comments. That’s the same as my first post. I did get two comments from friends, but I didn’t understand I was supposed to answer them. Maybe I should answer them now, four years later!

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  1. I did my first blog on Aftonbladet but I had a homepage long before that.
    I appreiciate that the World of blogs still is increasing. It is not the same with FB,Twitter Instagram etc.

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