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Couple of years ago I did get out of my comfort zone and visited Stockholm. It’s not a long or unpleasant trip. I’m just lazy and do not like Swedish big city traffic that much, so my trips to Stockholm are few and don’t happen very often.

This visit was a birthday present from my big sister in Stockholm. We did an art exhibition round that ended up with a walk with this view over Stockholm.

The red building by the water is a fantastic place. It’s a photography exhibition place called Fotografiska.

When I was there we saw Robert MapplethorpeJacob FelländerLiu Bolin and more.

The green little house in the picture used to be an elevator, but is now a days an atelier for a Swedish artist Carl Anton.

He was often on tv in the 80’s with his music and his musician friends. Then he also sometimes did quick drawings of the view of Stockholm water line on a big piece of paper in front of a live audience. I thought that was amazing to be able to do that.

I found this photograph and remembered the art trip. It was a great day. Thanks sis!

Art exhibitions are always favourite destinations, but I’m often too lazy to get there. I should visit more exhibitions, they give me so much inspiration.


25 thoughts on “Fotografiska”

  1. Oh Anna, in spite of the fact you don’t care for the city, I am always thrilled with any of your photos of Sweden. If you don’t like the traffic there, I know several cities you might want to avoid (driving anyway) such as Saigon, New York, Hanoi, Paris, San Franciso…

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    1. I can imagine. Stockholm is a beautiful city if it wasn’t for the traffic. There’s so much to see in Stockholm both on land and in the archipelago.

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    1. Maybe one day you will visit Europe. Then you can take good ideas with you on your way home and make your country beautiful too. Though I guess you have some beautiful places too.

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