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Narc Radar part 1

This is a post inspired by Persia Karemas blog and the comment conversation I sometimes have with Persia on the narc theme.

I also recently got inspiration from Robert Goldsteins blog for this post.

And many more of you, who writes about this. To you all, keep writing such post, they’re important and very educational.

Do you have a narc radar?

Some of you will answer with a big immediate YES. Then you will recognize everything I write further down in this post. Nothing will be new to you.

Some of you maybe wonder what I’m talking about. For you everything will be new information and hopefully an eye opener.

When a few of you read this post, you will try to deminish me and my words and make it look like I don’t tell the truth and that I write bad things about you as a person in this post and that I write about myself and not you. If your reaction will be like this I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to read on.
You will only get upset and think every word is part of an evil conspiracy against you. Before you stop reading I can tell you, this post is not about your person specific and it’s not a conspiracy against you. I don’t know you and therefore I can’t write bad or good about you as a person. But if you still think this post is about you, then stop reading now, for your own good.

To all of you who followed me here, hi again. Sorry about the interruption 🙂

Are you aware of how some people seems to use other people as lego parts to build their own person? They take a bit here and a bit there and make a person of the pieces and claim it’s their own unique personality?

Are you aware of how many parts that’s been taken from you? They are smooth criminals. They take small small parts of everyone’s personality if they find it useful. Far too few people notice the stealing.

Why? Well, we are not enough aware of the copies they make of everyone’s personality parts. They glue the copied parts together and all we see is, what we at first sight see, a normal person with common personality.

How do we discover the fake? It’s not always easy, but if you listen very carefully to what they say and how they act, you will, with a little training and not too many flying monkeys around, learn how to spot the difference between truth and false appearance.

If you get the feeling that they act even though it’s not a play on the theatre going on, then you might be on something.

Try to plant out words and expressions that you can single out from the daily vocabulary. Maybe you have specific branch terms or self invented terms that you can use. If you wait patiently you will hear this person use your specific terms after a while, but probably not exactly in the way the words are supposed to be used. They want you to think that they sounds like a rocket scientist and full of knowledge. They steal your vocabulary because they don’t have one of their own.

If you listen even more carefully you will hear the use of other stolen words and expressions. The person may have spoken to friends of yours. Then you will hear some of their expressions if the person find something they said useful for their purpose.

If you feel an invisible resistance, you can’t seem to define, then you should be aware. You can, if you dare, try to find out if the resistance seems to be real. Try to imply that you don’t agree with what the person is saying. If the person seems to react with hostility and try to make you feel bad or try to make your point of view completely inadequate, then you most certainly should back of as far as you can from this person. You will never get anything but trouble as long as the person is connected to you in any way.

But then you might say, the person is so charming and so nice, it’s hard to believe anything not nice about the person. That’s a really big warning sign. The overniceness, the smoothness, the charmness. Those things only last as long as you do what the person wish you to do. Think telephone sales persons. They are only nice as long as you give them the right answers and you say you will buy something from them.

This is a forever going on lesson, so I continue in another post in the future.

Have a great day ya all!

And a big thank you to Persia for inventing the Narc Radar term!


30 thoughts on “Narc Radar part 1”

  1. Reblogged this on Blog of a Mad Black Woman and commented:
    “Are you aware of how some people seems to use other people as lego parts to build their own person? They take a bit here and a bit there and make a person of the pieces and claim it’s their own unique personality?” ~ Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

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    1. You are so right. That is a big warning sign too, they never let you go or let you be right. I will try to continue the narc radar theme. There’s so much to say.

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      1. It’s a wonderful theme.

        I honestly didn’t begin to learn about narcs until I started interacting with other mental health bloggers.

        Because they are so shrouded in self deception and mystery they often feel like unstoppable forces of evil.

        But in reality they are pathetic children in adult bodies who spend most of their time trying to get over on people.

        The truth is that most people eventually figure them out.

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          1. I’ve discovered that people are somewhat resistant to understanding the full dimension of the sadism of narcs.

            To an abuse survivor the small act of ‘taking over’ part of an online account can carry a great deal of symbolic weight. Most people don’t understand that, but narcs do.

            Part of the reason Narcs get away with pulling this crap is that they are inversely emphatic. If they know what will hurt you they do it and cry victim while they do….

            I think this is beyond the comprehension of most people.

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            1. I think so too. It’s sad because that makes it too easy for narcs to do their thing. Without other people the narcs are nothing, they can’t survive without flying monkeys or the people that they “eat”.

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            2. Right…but the thing that’s hilarious is that narcs are so ridiculously obvious. No one but a narc will leave a long rambling comment on the blog of a perfect stranger in which she accuses someone of doing the things that only she would do. It’s hilarious…and frankly so obviously transparent that you have to wonder about the people who don’t see it/

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            3. I can laugh now — which is exactly what happens once you remove yourself from a narc’s presence.

              You look back and what you see is a person who is both pathetic and funny.

              Pathetic because they usually have good minds caged by infantile needs and funny because they use their minds in ways that make them look stupid.

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            4. I totally agree and they look very funny when they realise you’re not afraid of their threats or believe in what they trying to say 🙂

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  2. Good post. I have been following Persia and Rob’s post as well. Plus, in the US we have a terrific example of what narcissism looks like in one of presidential candidates, where every box on the Narc list is checked.

    I believe our Narc Radar, in general, could be improved. Having to work harder to ascertain the real truths, narcissists can lie much more easily without repercussion. Example, it has been documented said candidate has lied over 75% of the time by two nonpartisan sources yet he does not care.

    I am sorry to be political, but there is not a better example of narcissism than Trump, maybe with the exception of Putin.

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    1. You have an obvious narc as candidate. I don’t get why so many choose not to see that and support him. Maybe they’re all the same, but anyway. You’ll never get help from a narc ever, unless they get much more in return of what they pretend to give. You will end up loosing everytime you trust a narc. They never change.

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      1. Anna, I think most candidates are Type A personalities with a lot of self-confidence. I do think many are altruistic at first, but the system jades them some. Fewer are narcissistic to the degree Trump is. Everything you want to know about Trump’s lack of veracity as a candidate is in his history and it is not hard to find. He made his money by exploiting others and evicting people from their homes. He sells the use of his name, where he is not involved at all, but gets royalties. Irrespective of whether he wins, he will be in court testifying in the first of three trials of alleged misrepresentation at Trump University, which are microcosms of his nature. How this man can convince people he is the champion of the commn man is an amazing sales job, which he is good at. Sorry for the long response, Keith

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        1. Thanks for your answer. I find it very interesting. I agree, it’s difficult to understand why people support such narc. If the world gets too many of those personalities in leading position, then we will have no good humanity skills left one day. We will be like them, all of us, without noticing it.

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