I give you the morning/Jag ger dig min morgon

This is a repost again. The song is Swedish summer for me. Listen if you wnat. Thumbup, you can probably see the song 🙂

This is a repost, but I thought this song, that I write about in this post, is perfect for Valentine’s Day. This song is maybe the perfect love song in Swedish ever written, or at least one of them 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you ❤️💙💜💛💚💓💗❣💕💖💞💝💘

Trosa Sweden morning sun december 2015

One of our greatest sing and songwriter in the 70’s was Mr Fred Åkerström. He wrote a Swedish version of Tom Paxtons I give you the morning. That song became his greatest hit and in the 2000’s his daughter is singing the same song with the same greatness, I think.

You can listen to both versions here. In the Fred version you see lots of pictures from Stockholm, not far away from my little town, that you see in the blogpost picture.

Todays sun over the roofs reminded me of a line in the song. “I think we escape right in to the sun”.

Here’s some links:

Fred Åkerström


Cajsa Stina Åkerström


I Give You the Morning – Wikipedia

Jag ger dig min morgon lyrics + English translation (Version #1)



16 comments on “I give you the morning/Jag ger dig min morgon

    • Thanks and I’m glad you like the pics. That reminds me of pictures of little houses I will do a post about for Thumbup and the rest of you. Maybe tomorrow. I said that yesterday and the day before that too. Where does time go? “Pling”


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