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Copy OM/Jason!

Noooooo, you shall NOT steal his work or copy his posts and trick people to think they are your posts.

But, you can copy OM/Jason in another way. In a good way. I bet one or two of you (or more) have gotten very good help from him in different questions about blogging at wp.

It’s paying forward time. You don’t have to be a wp genius or a master hacker. You just have to be a blogger. Just the way you are.

Share your wp experiences, help out the way you can when you see a blogger fellow with unanswered questions.

Do what Jason does. Interact with your followers and readers. Make links to blogs, reblog and leave comments and likes. Write about your learnings about blogging. Set up meet & greets (think he was the one who invented that idea), challenges and projects that involves your readers and yourself.

If you don’t know how you should do all those things, pay HarshReaLiTy a visit and start read and learn how a good blog fellow spinn the wp world 🙂

Right now he has a Project H going on. I think that’s a brilliant idea. Check it out, it’s an opportunity for you to reach out to more people than your usual readers.


I did a OM drawing when I began to illustrate my blog story. Here it is, do you recognize him?

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