You never get me tired

This blogfriends thing suits me very well.

I can interact with you when ever I feel like it.

I can choose all by my self how long my visit by your place’s gonna be. When I come back and when I leave.

I can take my time to think about what I wanna say in your comment field without feeling pressure of inventing an instant oneliner.

I don’t have to dress up for meeting you.

I don’t have to excuse myself when I wanna go home early.

I don’t have to talk to people I don’t feel like talking to at the moment.

I can take a break in socializing at any time I want.

I can try out answers before I deliver them.

I can talk to you and get lots of inspiration without getting tired of the millions of impressions that I get from IRL socializing.

By now some of you may suspect my point in this list.

I’m one of the HSPs 🙂

You can read more about Highly Sensitive Persons at

It’s a gift, the way I see it.

I really like people IRL too, but they consume my energy a lot more than you WP people.

Today I had a “outside day”, meeting lots of nice people. For me that’s exhausting. One hour in a room full of people talking all the time is like five hours for others. I been out there in about four hours today. That’s about twenty hours for “normal” people.

Need I say that I had a long day today? But a very nice day though!

Till er som läser svenska, säg till om ni vill ha denna text på svenska, då gör jag en svensk version.