Who are you?

The love the rain person or the other?



34 comments on “Who are you?

  1. Absolutely hands down the rain. I love, LOVE grey cloudy days and when it rains. Even as a kid and to this day I hate sunshine, really don’t like it. Some people say it’s linked to my depression but I’ve always found solace in cloudy days, and love to walk in the rain and/or just sit out in it for no reason other than it feels great and washes away the world off you sometimes. Rain makes gardens grow, provides life to plants and trees etc. I’ve been told that I should live in England because it rains there so often…. I wish! Sadly Canada doesn’t get enough rain in my opinion but when we do I’m in my happy place : )

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  2. As long as it is warm, and I don’t have to be dressed and groomed, I love to be in the rain. I love to be snug inside on stormy days or nights. This picture is just so fun. Your creativity amazes me.

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  3. I love the rain except for that cold December rain that I knew in Munich. it goes down the back of your neck and chills to the bone. then you need a hot cup of gluhwein to warm you up again.

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