If you haven’t found Blair Gaultons blog yet, hurry over and read his poems and absurd thoughts of the day.

The absurd thoughts of the day makes images in my head every time I read them.
I did a drawing of one of them.
You can read the absurd thought of the day, that I created a drawing from, here:
Absurd Thought of the Day July 27th 2015 by Blair Gaulton | Toutons Tubas and Other Tales

This is a “payback” for him putting words to two of my paintings. You can see my reblogs of them here:

The Legend of the Astronaut Scorpion by Blair Gaulton | FärgaregårdsAnna – Annas Art

Time’s Holiday Revolution by Blair Gaulton | FärgaregårdsAnna – Annas Art

I like when words creates nice images in my head.


Icecream bar