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I can still recall our last Summer

Do you remember our last Summer?

Do you remember how many of us followed Melanies struggle and also her musings and amusings? Her blog rocked and her comments and caring for all of us really made an impact in the corner of our wp world.

If anyone of you knows what and how she is doing today, please tell us and please say a big hello and send some hugs to her.

If you missed out on last Summers Melanie adventures, go read her blog, she’s a brillant and funny writer. I hope she will return to us when she can.

Her posts and stories made me do some drawings last Summer. I give you a rerun on some of them here. You have to read her blog to see how I got the ideas.

Yes, I borrowed the title to this post from the Our Last Summer lyrics by Abba 🙂

Have a great day!


Abba Our last Summer lyrics

Mamma Mia Our last Summer

42 thoughts on “I can still recall our last Summer”

      1. I am?? holy moley. what did I do to deserve that kind of honor from you? oh and I reached out to our favorite lady and told her to send you some love. “pling”

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            1. I think you both had a great day that day. At least that was what Melanie wrote in her post about that day 🙂 “pling”


            1. Thanks. Yes all is well, but I have trouble finding time to hang out here on wp right now, but I hope it gets better. I miss you all when I’m not here 🙂

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            2. That’s great! He said hi to her from me as well. I’d love for her post again. She’s been one of my favorites, and one, along with you by the way, that I’ve conversed with initially. Miss her something fierce. 😕

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    1. They grow on you I think. I loved Abba when I was a kid in the 70’s and when I grew older and actually understood the lyrics they stayed in my music mind forever.

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      1. Oh! I never paid attention to thelyrics. I never liked them when I was younger. They got in the way of rock. But, since I don’t understand much of today’s music, Abba seems nice!

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    1. Ja det är inte lätt det här. Wp borde ju göra något åt detta. Men de kanske inte vet hur. Det blir ju en väldig oreda i interaktionen med andra om man inte vet vem som har gillat eller inte gillat, läst eller inte läst. Förvirrande!


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