I have a small blog on WP

If you haven’t found Jims blog, you have the chance now. This is an excellent post. Many wish big blogs with lots of followers and lots of likes, but I remember when I could catch up reading blogs and answer comments faster than today and that was nice and exactly how Jim describe his blog doings. My blog isn’t that big either, but more followers and more comments means mor time consuming work with the blog and less time to get to know you all and your blogs. So be careful what you wish and work for. I think Jims blog is a very nice place. Go see what you think. You will always get an answer if you leave comments 🙂 and maybe also a “pling” if you’re nice!/Anna

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


I have a small blog on WP and I’m ashamed that at times I am somewhat envious of those who have a larger following than I do.  I have to admit that I wonder what it would be like to have a blog with several thousand followers and hundreds of views every day.  And then I wonder what my email would look like after receiving notices where people may have liked this or may have commented on that.  And then I wonder what I’m doing wrong and why it’s not growing like I would like.  What’s it like to be in the big time on WP?

And then I look around at my garden and I realize that my blog is like my garden in as much as it grows in its own good time.  It’s limited by what I plant and how much space that I give it and…

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