Look! Trosa Sweden is exposed to Jasons over 53 000 followers and all his other readers around the world. That’s about at least five times our population. Thanks for the opportunity Jason. For comments visit Jasons blog/Anna

HarsH ReaLiTy

Hi everyone!
I followed Jasons prompts for project H, so here it goes

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Anna from Sweden 🙂

What is your blog and when did you begin blogging?

My blog began a couple of years ago as a showroom for my art. Then after about two years I realized what blogging is really about. I found HarshReaLiTy and read the posts learning a lot about “wrong” blogging and still do, thanks to Jason.

What is your normal view while blogging? Care to share it with us?

An empty wall, a wall with art or a window with great nature views.

Share some facts about your home, town, or city that we can’t find online or on Wikipedia.

I live in the little town Trosa, south of Stockholm, with the nick name “the end of the world”. Most people who live here is…

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