We’re now over 1100 follower of this blog.

Yes, I do follow my own blog. Why shouldn’t I do the same as you?It’s also a way to check out how my posts looks like in the wp app reader.

Yes, this blog has grown with out me being on any other social media. I’m just here on wp. That is enough for me and a blog can grow without any other social media.

But a blog can not grow without you all wp friends. It’s your doing. When you like and comment and follow my blog, your wp friends follow your wp foot steps. And when I visit your blogs and give them likes, comments and follows I will appear in your wp corner and then you sometimes check out my blog that way.

It’s all about interaction constantly. That’s how we find each other. It’s an endless mingling party without the boring parts 🙂

At every new 100 follower mark I make a meet & greet post.

This means that you can leave your or a favorite blog link in the comments field and tell us all why we should give that link a click and a read.

I learned about the meet and greet idea at HarshReaLiTy . It’s a nice way to find new blogs and new wp friends.

Of course you can leave a comment without link too if you got something else on your mind 🙂