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The most dangerous animal in Sweden

You may have big bears, snakes or tigers in your country that scares you the most.

Despite the fact that we have elks, bears an wolves in Sweden, none of them is yhe most dangerous animal.

Instead it’s a tiny little creature almost invisible that scares us the most.

Have you heard of Tick? We call them “fästingar” in Sweden. 

They creep up on us when we don’t notice them, they bite us and stay there, give us itching and can spread diseases that can lead to our death if we don’t get treatment in time.

They live in nature alomost everywhere, so in summertime we have to be careful where we walk.

But, isn’t it silly that the smallest animal is our most dangerous animal?

Here’s a drawing of a giant tick 🙂


33 thoughts on “The most dangerous animal in Sweden”

  1. Oh yes, Anna! We have ticks too and fortunately they don’t seem to like me. Hadn’t one on me so far.
    Take care of yourself!

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      1. We are in an area where ticks bring borreliosis and tick-borne encephalitis so I know being careful is very important. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. Many people unfortunately just ignore this.

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  2. My three cats gets them in their fur all the time, sometimes they fall off inside the house.. ive gotten bitten a few times and its really horrifying every time..

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  3. I do not like them. They are just creepy little thing and I have seen too much of them. When I had my dog, Zola, longhair German Shepard I hav to search for them every day from spring to autumn. And if I don´t find them on her, I find them on the floor, big as a cherry and full of blood. I hate them 😦

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  4. I have just been staying on an island in the outer reaches of the Stockholm Archipelago where ticks are a problem (advice was to check one’s legs anytime one had been walking among the trees). I have some splendid photos which I shall be sharing sometime 🙂

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  5. Ugh! I hate ticks! We have to do daily tick checks with the boys, all Summer long. The pets are susceptible too of course. Ya know, there are some things in nature that I struggle to understand what purpose they serve. Ticks are one.

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  6. Little vampire buggers, that’s what they are. Our dog got them all the time. And the children when they played in the woods. Now we live in the islands where we can get bad diseases from mosquitoes. I guess no place is safe.

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  7. I got 3 of those on me after looking for chanterelles in the forrest… and they are so tiny that they almost look like freckles on the skin. God they are disgusting! Why aren’t any bird feed on them?

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    1. They’re too small to find for the birds? Someone must eat them, but I wonder who. There should be more enemies too that little tiny animal 😉


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