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Found the turn off comments section!

In a previous post I was searching for the turn off comments for rebloged posts. With a little help from Ritu and some other wp friends who leaved comments in the post I found it.



So, reblog away and turn off comments if you want the original post to  get the comments and the creds for the post. People can still press like button on reblog posts on your blog. So you get credit for finding a good post that you reblog and the writer of the post get the credit for writing it in the comments in original post if people click their way over to original post.

When I asked wp support about turn off comments for reblogged posts they answered me that it was not possible to do. Someone must have been tired that day in wp support 🙂

Happy blogging 🙂


25 thoughts on “Found the turn off comments section!”

    1. Haha. Now I just have to find a way to read blogs more than randomly. It’s messy in the reader and I have a difficult time keeping track of everyone that visit and commenting on my blog.

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    1. Then I don’t have to think the computer alternative as a better one. Thanks! I do most blogging on an old ipad with often bad connection. That’s a challenge, not to get angry of the techniques 🙂

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      1. I know what you mean as many use their phones and somehow have pictures. I troll sites on my computer not my phone. So I do it via computer.:)

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  1. Thanks for info, wp is easy on the face of things and then very complex. I find it easy to link through the like section on a post in notifications. It doesn’t link well from the comments! Agree it’s not easy to link and find the blogs you really like and want to check up on. Sometimes I use my followers section but not easy to just get back!

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  2. I noticed you found the off-button 🙂
    Just wanted to leave you a “pling” on the Pling-Reblog from Jim’s. Well, you’ll have do deal with it here now 😉

    Gosh! I really like this!

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