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So here’s the dealio about the “pling”

Jim, the pling man, explains the pling phenomena very well. Check out the original post and leave comments and plings if you wanna join the pling movement 🙂 “pling” Anna

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


I ran across Miss Anna somehow during my first year here on WP.  Now I can’t remember how it all happened or when it happened or if it was due to Mel’s WP or our favorite Ninja’s WP or someone else’s WP where I discovered her WP and the art on it.  The key word that intrigued me was the word “Art” and I just had to take a look see which lead to me following her site.  She in turn was gracious enough to return the follow to some south metro urbanite of central Minnesota.

Somehow in passing Miss Anna let me know that her iPad made a “pling” sound whenever someone sent her a “Like” or followed or left her a comment.  So me being the smarty pants that I am, I started leaving the word “pling” after any comment that I left for her.  She being the…

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