Baltic sea as an aquarium

I live by the Baltic sea and to watch the water is exciting.

At Askö Laboratory Day this year, we learned how to discover little fishes homes in the water. If you watch them for a while you will find out were they building their homes. We also learned that the ninespine stickleback fishguys get blue and red when they search for fishwomen.

We could also watch broadnosed pipefishes and many other little creatures in the sea.

I really like that open house day at Askö lab. There is so much to learn about marine nature.

You can read Tångbloggen or Baltic sea weed if you want to read more about what’s happening in our waters.

I watched the water at my place the other day and I found the red/blue little fishes and a broadnosed pipefish. I felt so lucky to get the chance of watching the amazing sealife so up close.

I did a drawing, but look at this 🙂



12 comments on “Baltic sea as an aquarium

    • Thank you. It was a quick drawing. I could have drawn me looking down in the water too, but I didn’t have the time to figure that out when I did the drawing 🙂

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