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Baking evening

Sorry for not being around here on wp reading your blogs. I had baking evening instead. 

I have done drawings of cakes

and a pastel of a cinnamon bun

But that’s it. Maybe I should paint some cookies too?

Have a great morning,day, evening and noght wherever you all are 🙂


56 thoughts on “Baking evening”

    1. LOL! Maybe I leave some for tomorrow. They tasted good though, and I’m related to cookie monster, so we’ll see…


      1. Welcome to the blog world. Keep interacting and you will get comments on your post and you will find wp friends that helps you out with blogging questions. I visit your blog as soon as I have the time. Happy blogging 🙂


            1. Yes, that takes time. But if you visit other blogs and leave likes and comments people will find your blog and maybe also follow your blog.

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            2. When you leave likes and comments your gravatar is visible on the blog you visit. Many readers click on such gravatars and they come to the blog the the gravatar settings have.


        1. I have to think about that one. Kick ass is a great expression. Don’t know which swedish expression that can match. I’ll be back if I find an anwers.


    1. Goooood smet, men det blev ändå lite över till kakor. Bloggplattformarna skulle definitivt ta bloggandet till ytterligare en nivå om man kunde skicka kakor från real life via kommentatorsfältet!


    1. They taste really good. I wish I could send some cookies over. Maybe blogging in the future means that you can send real things to your wp friends 🙂

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