Where’s that community everyone is talking about?

If you been around for a while here at wp, reading and following blogs, but still don’t know why some bloggers write about the great community they have found on wp, you might find the answer in this post.

My first step in the the blog world and wp world was to read some blogs my friends had. After a while I thought the blog form would be a nice way to show my art, so I created a blog.

After two days I had one million followers! Noooooooo, I had two or three followers for a long time and after a year I think I reached five followers.

I didn’t do much right to get more followers. I had visitors and readers, but few followers.
I found an answer to that after a year or two. I didn’t follow any blogs at all. I just read blogs randomly and didn’t care to check them out that much. I read a post here and there and took of for next blog. I didn’t even dare to press like on post from blogs written by unknown people. I just pressed like button on my friends blogs.

But one day I took a walkabout in the blog sphere. I started to visit the blogs who followed me, though I didn’t know where they came from. I learned to press like button when I liked posts. Then I slowly learned to actually leave comments on blogs that I didn’t know much about in the beginning.

And the rest is history.

If you want to find out where to find the wp community that many bloggers write about, go to comments in the post you read. You will find many of my wp friends everywhere in the blog sphere.

They talk about everything, they give each other advice, support, cheering, laughing, crying, anger,happiness, thoughtful thoughts and they are always there. You are most welcome to the community that never can be to crowded.

What to do? Just read the comments. Like the comments you like and add a comment if you want to say something. If you don’t have words, you can always give a 🙂 or over at Jims blog you can give a “pling” when you are out of words.

If you’re a gif master like Thumbup, you leave gif comments that decorates the comments field.

The comments section to each blog post often expand the meaning of the actual post. So give the comments a read when you have time. It is in the comments I have found all wp friends.
So the community is mingling around the clock in the comments all over all blogs. So jump in and start reading comments section, if you don’t already do that!




86 comments on “Where’s that community everyone is talking about?

    • I started in Swedish too, but the came to the same conclusion as you. And if you change language settings to English your blog gets visible in the international reader in wp app. That was a huge change in being visible only among Swedish blogs and the whole words wp blogs!

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  1. Oh, that Thumbup is for sure the gif meister. She absolutely cracks me up. Good post, Anna. Putting yourself out there, interacting with bunches of people seems to be the recipe for gaining followers, if that’s ones goal. 😃

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  2. Grande el tema de los blogs. Yo nunca hubiera imaginado que estaria compartiendo comentarios con personas de Suecia !!!, q además tienen parecidos gustos e inquietudes. Un abrazo Anna y a sus seguidores.😊

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  3. This is great advice, Anna. Interaction is such an important part of blogging. You get the most out of it when you take the time to properly appreciate someone else’s efforts. Thanks again 🙂

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  4. Tack för goda råd! Som ny bloggare för i år (jag skrev min första bloggpost någonsin i januari!) tar jag tacksamt emot alla råd jag får. Och jag har redan fått många fina vänner inom diverse områden
    Återigen; Tack ❤
    (Thanks for good advises! I prefer to write in Swedich and hope it will be OK!)

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  6. Well said. I found you through OM’s blog and I had a similar experience that you had. Now I am commenting more and engaging more and following more and am having more fun that before 🙂
    Thank you for expressing this so well.

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  7. This is so true! It’s what makes it worthwhIle to blog. If there’s no interaction, you must ght as well read a book. And btw, I find I’m following lots of Swedish blogs. You must be doing something right!

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  8. The majority of people who read my posts do so without leaving a trace via a like or comment. I’m cool with that. But I have a nucleus of followers who regularly leave one of the two or both, and over the last three years this community and I have grown to know each other (as much as we can) and gain a certain familiarity with each other. My cyber-scattered friends from all over the world, I am thankful.

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  10. Anna, good advice. There is a wonderful community that supports each other and offers good questions and comments, even when they may disagree. I have challenged my thinking on some issues as a result of diplomatic pushback. To me context is very important and we often take things out of context, which may make a statement less true. Keep on keepin’ on. Keith

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  11. A lot of truth here. I feel the spirit of the WP community everyday and I am so grateful I started Blogging. I feel a great connection with so many. I get support ,I give support. It is worth taking the time to get to know our community -otherwise it really isn’t a community at all .

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    • Jösses! Det måste ju kännas jättekonstigt för dig. Vad händer om du trycker gilla fast du har gillat? Försvinner gilla-markeringen då?


        • Det är ju underligt ändå. För om jag går på en av dina gillamarkeringar i notifikationerna i appen, så kommer jag till din blogg. Fast jag vet ju förstås då inte om det är ditt riktiga jag som har gillat. Detta blir ju jättekonstigt!


          • Så är det för mig också, Alltså när jag kommer till din blogg har jag redan gillat den fast jag inte har gjort det! Vid nåt tillfälle hade ditt inlägg blivit postat en timme tidigare och då hade jag inte ens vaknat och öppnat wordpress. Jag bytte lösenord på wp, men det hjälpte inte mer än nån dag eller två.

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  12. You are so right Anna. When I started blogging I thought it was all about my writing. Over the years I have discovered it is more about my reading and sharing my thoughts on what other bloggers had written. We don’t always agree but there is something glorious about the conversation. I have learned through blogging that writing is only as powerful as the community it creates.

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  13. I do agree with you in most of your idea’s Anna except one of them.
    Instead of liking another’s comment, do visit their blog and give your like at one of their posts. Maybe you also like more of, what they are doing at their blog, then write them a comment, which is the most fast way to get into the great community 🙂

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  14. So true that you find a community in WP by simply hitting “like” for posts you appreciate and leaving your thoughts on comments. Oh, I miss Thumbup-a GIF Genius. 🙂 hello there, Anna!

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