If you been around for a while here at wp, reading and following blogs, but still don’t know why some bloggers write about the great community they have found on wp, you might find the answer in this post.

My first step in the the blog world and wp world was to read some blogs my friends had. After a while I thought the blog form would be a nice way to show my art, so I created a blog.

After two days I had one million followers! Noooooooo, I had two or three followers for a long time and after a year I think I reached five followers.

I didn’t do much right to get more followers. I had visitors and readers, but few followers.
I found an answer to that after a year or two. I didn’t follow any blogs at all. I just read blogs randomly and didn’t care to check them out that much. I read a post here and there and took of for next blog. I didn’t even dare to press like on post from blogs written by unknown people. I just pressed like button on my friends blogs.

But one day I took a walkabout in the blog sphere. I started to visit the blogs who followed me, though I didn’t know where they came from. I learned to press like button when I liked posts. Then I slowly learned to actually leave comments on blogs that I didn’t know much about in the beginning.

And the rest is history.

If you want to find out where to find the wp community that many bloggers write about, go to comments in the post you read. You will find many of my wp friends everywhere in the blog sphere.

They talk about everything, they give each other advice, support, cheering, laughing, crying, anger,happiness, thoughtful thoughts and they are always there. You are most welcome to the community that never can be to crowded.

What to do? Just read the comments. Like the comments you like and add a comment if you want to say something. If you don’t have words, you can always give a 🙂 or over at Jims blog you can give a “pling” when you are out of words.

If you’re a gif master like Thumbup, you leave gif comments that decorates the comments field.

The comments section to each blog post often expand the meaning of the actual post. So give the comments a read when you have time. It is in the comments I have found all wp friends.
So the community is mingling around the clock in the comments all over all blogs. So jump in and start reading comments section, if you don’t already do that!