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What’s behind this?

If you open this door, what do you find behind the door?


45 thoughts on “What’s behind this?”

  1. My dreams – A walk, just walk (not wheelchair) in the forest an early summermorning when the fog still there, When I can see the sun and feel, almost taste the day in the forest. perhaps it is a tarn there too. (Is it tarn the word for “Tjärn” in swedish?)
    That is behind my door of dreams!
    Thank You, Anna!
    And I hope You will have a very good Midsummerweekend!

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    1. What a beautiful dream. I will walk through that door too. It seems to be a lovely place. Have a great Midsummer weekend you too. I have painting time and it’s wonderful after a long period of not so much painting time 🙂

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    1. I just discovered the joy of painting doors. Have you shown your doorpaintings on your blog? Sorry for not being able around lately. Real life has taken so much time away from wp time, but I hope to be back soon 🙂

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      1. No I haven’t shown them yet, Anna. I’ve been busy with our daughter’s wedding celebration. I will probably put one out next Wednesday.

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          1. I’m going to move the “Doors” up two weeks Anna. I have a couple of those paintings and I really should show them consecutively. I usually do visual art on Wednesdays so I was planning on doing a tapestry I did many years ago. I have two, one is finished and the other started but will never be finished in my life time. They both come from France. I’ll give you the heads up when the “Doors” are going to be posted.

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            1. Thanks! Finish that painting by the way. I have unfinished paitings too, but some of them I have finished and it is possible. I didn’t thought so, but it is. One just have to start 🙂

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            2. This is one huge tapestry, Anna. It would take an army of seamstresses to finish it in ten years. I will post it any way because it is a classic beauty.

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  2. Behind the door of my dreams there is a happy land. No war, no racism, no sexism, just men and women sharing the day and loving whomever they love without fear. A place full of excitement for the day ahead where we are all treated as equals. No need to worry what the day brings as it is going to be vibrant, colourful and loving.
    Love and peace Anna, keep sharing the wondrous beauty you find xoxo

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